Water Quality Information Service

The Water Quality Information Service is a resource for researchers, agency officials, and the general public for organizing and presenting historic water quality data from the St. Joseph River and its tributaries. The WQIS is maintained by the St. Joseph River Watershed Initiative in collaboration with the ERC hosting it at IPFW.

The URL is wqis.ipfw.edu.

Pick your location, pollutant and time frame and see what you get as a graph or as a table. The service is limited by the data available for it. We hope in the future to add: sites, data sets and new features!!

The WQIS is free, but registration is required so that we can learn who is using it.

Have fun.

One thought on “Water Quality Information Service”

  1. I row and kayak regularly on the St Joseph River north of Buchanan, MI. As far as I can see, the St Joe is clean and nonpolluted. The others who water ski, swim, kayak, canoe and fish in the St. Joe near me seem to share that opinion.

    But I was told on Saturday that the St Joe is so polluted this person “enjoys looking at the St. Joe but would never come in contact with it.”

    Who is correct? Where can I get current information on pollution levels in the St. Joseph River?

    Thanks very much in advance.

    John Disterhoft

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