Who Owns the Rivers?

When it comes to rivers, questions often arise about who owns them? A simple but somewhat confusing answer to this is “everybody” and “nobody.” The “everybody” means that the rivers are part of the water of the United States – often referred to as WOTUS. This means that the rivers are held in common trust […]

Des Moines Water Works Sues Three Counties for Nitrate Pollution

Many municipalities throughout the US draw their raw drinking water from rivers.  It is, therefore, the responsibility of city utilities to ensure that the finished drinking water meets the safety standards for several potentially toxic contaminants.  However, in most cases the pollutants that find their way into the source water intakes of municipal drinking water […]

City Coyote, Country Coyote

Although few see them, coyotes are a common urban and suburban resident in many areas. They are the largest predator in the area, though that is mostly leg (they are only marginally heavier than a big raccoon). For me, they are a breath of wild in tame Fort Wayne, but for others they are cause for […]

Implementation Conference a Success

Save Maumee Grassroots Organization and their colleagues successfully launched the Upper Maumee River Watershed Management Plan at an Implementation Conference at Indiana Tech Saturday, January 24. Stephanie Singer of the Defiance County and Sharon Partridge of the Allen county Soil and Water Conservation Districts introduced the Plan, and several others provided background or guidance on […]


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